Stahels Instrument Insurance

Stahel's instruments insurance is an insurance solution optimized for musicians.

In cooperation with Basler Versicherung, I have succeeded in generating 3 products which know the exact requirements in detail and are therefore very practical.

I will accompany and advise all customers until signing the contract.

In addition, I would like to photograph all the insured instruments and contribute to a comprehensive database.

The 3 products are



You have one or more instruments, play and practice at home.
The instruments have grown to your heart and have perhaps also become the background of yours because the value of the instrument can increase in the future.



You play with your fellow musicians in a practice room and have several performances a year. Here the transport and the several places of residence play an important role. Single and banderholdings are possible.


You live by the music. Studio, Bandraum, Tourenen, Television appearances are your everyday life. You are far and wide, not only in Switzerland. You have your absolute favorite instrument. Symphonie meets all these circumstances.

I am delighted if we can work together to develop one of these solutions for you.